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Alpha Body 60 Day Challenge starts June 15th

🔥 Ready to transform your body and win big? Take on the Alpha Bo...

🔥 Ready to transform your body and win big? Take on the Alpha Body Challenge and unleash your potential! 💪💵🌴

### Step 1: Check Your Eligibility
Are you 18 or older and living in the U.S.? You're on the right track! Just remember, Alpha Body employees, Battalion Members and their immediate family members cannot join in.

### Step 2: Purchase Required
Start by purchasing any Alpha Body supplement. This purchase is your ticket to entering the challenge.

### Step 3: Official Entry
Once you've made your purchase, you'll find the entry form on your order confirmation page. This page is not available without purchase.

### Step 4: Subscribe
Simply subscribe by entering your email and phone number in the form provided. Make sure to click 'Submit' to ensure your participation is recorded.

### Step 5: Confirmation
After "subscribing", keep an eye on your email. We'll send you ongoing information and updates about the challenge.

### Step 6: Mark Your Calendar for the Challenge Duration
Gear up for a thrilling 60-day challenge! Get ready to start on  June 15, 2024, and push towards a healthier, fitter you.

### Step 7: Weekly Progress Reports
Show us what you've got! Send in weekly updates with your weight, body measurements, and visual proof of your evolution. This keeps the challenge fair and lets you track your amazing progress. To remain entered in the challenge this is essential. 

### Step 8: Judging Criteria
We're looking for real change and dedication. The winner will be chosen for their total transformation and commitment, as judged by our Alpha Body experts. Stick to the rules and show us your transformation! Tag @alphabodysupps in your posts and stories. Make sure to add value, education and be authentic.

### Step 9: The Prize Awaits
A hefty $5000 cash prize could be yours, along with a VIP trip to Las Vegas, or a local staycation if you're a Vegas resident. You can bring a plus-one—flight and stay included! Plus, a fitness photoshoot, a meal with the Alpha Body crew, and a full stack of our best 5 core supps to keep you on the path to greatness.

### Step 10: Your Privacy
We value your privacy. By entering, you're okay with us using your progress snaps/videos for promos, always handled with care according to our privacy policy.

💥 Show your Alpha spirit and grab this amazing chance to transform, win big, and experience an epic Las Vegas adventure! Don't wait! 💥

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