by Dwayne Bright


Be disciplined! Work smarter rather than harder! “And never give up...
In the vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio, emerged a true leader, Los Judah, born Dwayne Bright, the embodiment of unyielding ambition and an unwavering spirit. As the eldest of ten, he personifies resilience forged through years of tenacious labor.

Despite facing shattered dreams of NBA stardom, Los Judah's indomitable talent and work ethic prevailed. In the depths of a three-year depression, he found solace in his unshakeable faith and spiritual grounding, emerging stronger than ever.

A testament to his unwavering spirit, Los Judah, once on the brink of despair, transformed into a servant leader. Fueled by a passion for fitness, he became certified to teach and pursued a communications degree from Dixie University. His journey led him to Dr. Thomas Umbach's patients, where he discovered his purpose and first investor.

From those struggles, Los Judah rose as a coach and motivational speaker, founding Los Judah Fitness. His outreach extended to seniors and the underprivileged, a reflection of his commitment to community.

The journey wasn't easy for this black man with dreadlocks and tattoos, but it became a beacon of inspiration. Tattooed chess pieces adorn his body, each telling a story of triumph. His empire burgeoned with the creation of Easy Cline, a patented full-body home gym born out of compassion for those too self-conscious to venture to a gym.

Dwayne Bright, now a beacon of hope, unveils his latest venture, Alpha Body nutrition, a fusion of health and financial well-being. His story is a testament to the divine plan guiding his life and an invitation for all ages and races to pursue their dreams with unwavering passion and belief.